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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Why should I consider a metal roof?

A. Metal roofing is one of the most practical roofing materials on the market today. It offers a long-life alternative to problem plagued roofing materials such as asphalt, clay, wood, and slate.

Q. How long will metal roofing last?

A. This could very well be the last roof you will ever put on your home, barn, shed or shop with life expectancies that can easily exceed 30 years. Corrosion resistant substrates and long-life finishes ensure long-term performance, minimal maintenance and life cycle cost savings. This substrate has been protecting many of the world’s monumental buildings for decades, and has been in use for over 100 years.

Q. Isn’t metal roofing expensive?

AA. Metal roofing offers homeowners a long life solution. It is an investment in your home’s future. Over the life of your home, metal roofing is probably the most economical roofing material, because it can be the last roof you need to install. Traditional roofing materials have a very limited life expectance before one is faced with the expense of another re-roof project.

Q. Why spend more for metal roofing?

A. Conventional roofing materials such as asphalt shingles have a significantly shorter life span and according to the insurance industry, the average replacement age of a typical 40-year architectural asphalt shingle is between 10-12 years. They begin to devalue your roof because of discoloration, stains, and algae growth within the first few years after installation. A typical asphalt roof, even with the new high wind warranties, only carries a five-year warranty against shingles blowing off. The rest of the warranty is usually prorated. The Color Metal Roofing System carries a Lifetime transferable warranty. Our Metal Roofing System actually increases in value with the rest of your home saving the homeowner up to 35% on utility bills. No conventional roof can make these claims. When considering metal vs. asphalt, you are basically choosing between an investment (metal) over an expense (asphalt). Homeowners will never need to hire a roofing contractor as long as they live in their home, that’s priceless!!

Q. What are the advantages of metal over other type of roofing?

A. Prefinished metal roofing is offered in a broad palette of attractive colors with long-life coatings that do not support the growth of moss, mildew or fungus. Metal panels are lightweight, yet strong enough to withstand severe weather, snow easily slides off the roof. Finally, metal roofing lasts longer, conserves energy, and requires virtually no maintenance.

Q. Does my roof have to be removed before installing a metal roofing system?

A. In most cases, No. A metal roofing system weighs 1/3 the weight of a conventional asphalt roof. We can install it over the asphalt roofing. Eliminating the need for tear-off saves time, mess and hassle, and protects your home from possible flooding during a roofing project. It also adds insulation in addition to protecting the environment by reducing landfill waste.

Q. I’m too old, why should I worry about a lifetime warranty when I can get a 30-year asphalt shingle that’s less expensive and will out live me?

A. This is a big misconception and commonly asked question. Even the best 30-year asphalt shingle only has a replacement warranty for the first few years. At this point it is aggressively prorated to where there is no coverage due to natural weathering, thus being the reason why asphalt roofs need replacing after 10-12 years. The average size home roofed with asphalt costs around $5,000.00. However, you’ll have to replace it in ten to twelve years. Add inflation over ten years plus tear-off cost to do it again for $8,700.00 for a total cost over ten years of $13,700.00. It is seen in just a ten-year time frame, a homeowner’s true cost in an asphalt roof is $13,700.00. Compare that to a Lifetime Metal Roof that NEVER needs replacing! We have many clients in their retirement years between the ages of 50-80. These buyers are well educated and experienced. They know from experience you get what you pay for in life. They’ve purchased 4-5 asphalt roofs in their lifetime and know for a fact that an asphalt roof won’t last 30 years. These clients are looking for a roof that is maintenance free as well as worry free from storm damage. The likelihood of these clients benefiting from a lifetime warranty 50 years from now is slim. But eliminating the need to hire a roofing contractor and going through hassle and interruption in life during elderly years is more than enough reason to spend a little more on a lifetime roof guaranteed to never be bothered with roof replacement again!

Q. Will a metal roof heat up my home?

A. Actually, just the opposite. Our metal roofing system reflects up to 70% of the sun’s radiant heat reducing the amount of heat transmitted into your home. Likewise, it makes your home warmer in the wintertime by reflecting inside heat from the underside of the roof back into the home. This good thermal reflectivity translates into energy savings by reducing cooling costs in the summer and heating costs in the winter.

Q. Will a metal roof make my house more susceptible to a lightning strike?

A. No. A metal roof will not make a building more susceptible to a lightning strike. Lightning will tend to strike the highest object in a given area, regardless of what that object is made of. A metal roof can actually be beneficial in the event of a lightning strike due to being a non-combustible material.

Q. Can you walk on a metal roof?

A. Absolutely! Care must always be taken when walking on your roof.

Q. Is a metal roof noisy?

A. This is a common question, and probably one of the biggest misconceptions about metal roofing. People usually think of an old barn roof where the metal is visible to the interior of the structure. On a residence, however, metal roofing is often installed over a solid substrate. Further, attic space and insulation serve as additional sound barriers. Research has proven that metal is not any noisier than traditional roofing products.

Q. What is Galvalume?

A. Galvalume is 55% Al-Zn (aluminum – zinc) coated sheet steel that is ideally suited for most types of roofing applications. An estimated 40 billion square feet of galvalume now covers buildings in all kinds of climates and environments throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico, as well as Europe, Asia and Australia. Galvalume is an ideal material for roofing because of its extraordinary outdoor corrosion resistance and resulting long life. It is extremely popular due to its versatility, ease of use, aesthetics and long-term performance.

Q. What is the difference between your Galvalume Metal and the competitor’s Galvanized Metal?

A. Galvalume sheet has been successfully used in roofing applications for more than 25 years; it has been evaluated in outdoor R&D tests for well over 30 years. Based on these tests, in which corrosion weight losses were measured and compared with galvanized, Galvalume sheet is protected to outlast galvanized sheet (with an equivalent coating thickness) in various atmospheres by up to (9) nine times.

Q. Will a metal roof’s color fade?

A. Very little, if at all! Paint systems applied on our metal roofing system can be expected to provide excellent performance in nearly every environment. We use steel substrate with a Galvalume coating as opposed to straight galvanized. This Galvalume coating combines aluminum, silicon and zinc and gives the steel substrate superior corrosion resistance. Before the paint is applied to the Galvalume coated steel, a pretreatment of chrome oxide is applied which also inhibits corrosion and promotes adhesion. Next, a primer consisting of an epoxy modified polyester for improving adhesion and flexibility is applied. Lastly, the topcoat is applied consisting of a 30% siliconized modified polyester (SMP) which minimizes chalk and fade.

Q. How about wind and hurricane resistance?

A. Our Color Metal Roofing System has passed wind tunnel testing at 200 mph.

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